Monthly blog – April 2023

Hello again and welcome back to our monthly blog! Here you can read about and catch up on all the exciting this that happen on and off our stage. This April has been an exciting month as we welcome our new Eurovision inspired show to the stage, A Thong For Europe. We are also celebrating this show being our 100th show! And of course we are getting ready for Eurovision 2023 along with the rest of the city and we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s catch up!

As we all know Eurovision is coming to Liverpool so of course in true Royal Court style we had to put on a show. A Thong For Europe kicks off the party this month! Written by the amazing Jonathan Harvey and directed by the great Stephen Fletcher, together they have made this show a hit. This show is also particularly special to us here at the theatre as it is our 100th show so, even more reason to celebrate. As a theatre we know that we would not be as successful as we are if it were not for our incredible audience who continue to show us so much love and support so of course we have to show our appreciation. This month to celebrate out 100th show we send out a special gift to our top 100 audience members who have booked show after show and supported our theatre. We hope this shows you how much we appreciate you, our amazing audience!

It is only right that we show our love to the special, talented actors that we have the pleasure of working with too. We appreciate you beautiful bunch too and all you do for our theatre and audience. A special mention for our lovely Eithne Browne who was in our first ever show, Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels and is now in our 100th show, A Thong For Europe!

And just for fun here’s a little list of our top 10 actors by appearance:

We hope you enjoyed this Aprils blog, see you in May!

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