What's On at Liverpool's Royal Court

Variety Lunch Club

22 May - 07 Aug

The Royal Court Variety Lunch Club will run throughout the year on Wednesday afternoons in the main theatre and is open to anyone

My Fairfield Lady

22 May - 25 May

Mary is in the Royal on her way out. She’s not too bothered though, she’s had a good innings. Came from nothing and ended up running her
The first club in Liverpool to lay down the beat that shook the world. When the Iron Door club first opened in 1960 acts like Ror
Pete goes back to his roots as compere extraordinaire of a classic variety night! Join us in the swish Studio space for an evenin


31 May - 08 Jun

Ever been in a situation that has got out of hand? Leila and Nathan are living by their principles and on the breadline. Ritchie's the bi
Dave Kirby (Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels, Lost Soul, Council Depot Blues, Reds & Blues, The Wrath of Ann Twacky, Barry White C
In a world where everything is present to the public eye, how can anyone keep a secret? Helen O’Grady Drama Academy’s senior yout

The Comeback Special

13 Jun - 15 Jun

The Comeback Special Written by Ian Salmon Directed By Mike Dickinson “Given the choice, Robbie would rather not talk to th
Variety Film Club The team behind Variety Lunch Club have hatched a new plan so that you can come and have an afternoon out with friends
New parents! You can do a fun thing without ditching your babies! Three great stand up comedians performing in a room where babie
Liverpool's Royal Court is a Grade II listed building, a magnificent example of one of the best theatres built in the Art Deco style. The Ro
The Martini Lounge has gone back to its roots! Revisiting those heady days in the beautiful basement bar of The Royal Court Theat
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