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Your Stories

Can YOU help in making a brand-new play?

Liverpool’s Royal Court are supporting an award-winning team of local artists to create an exciting new play all about real working lives, and they’re looking for stories to include. Could your story be a part of it?

Do you have experiences about how your upbringing affects your everyday life that you would be willing to share? This can be drawn from your earliest memories to your life now, and everything in between.

The director, George, and the writer, Luke, just want to have a chat with you. They’ll have some general questions – you won’t need to prepare anything. And you don’t need to share anything you’re not comfortable with. All they need is an hour of your time and for you to have access to Zoom.

If you’re interested in being involved, the team would love to hear from you by Tuesday 13 April. There’s a brief sign up form here.

You can email Steven, the producer of this brand new show, on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest!

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