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The Season of Laughter – Upcoming Comedy Nights.

The Royal Court is well known for its shows that are full of humour and keep the audience laughing. We have a great line up of comedians in our great studio space waiting to make you laugh. A few stand-up comedy shows are on the way as well as a whole cabaret showcase!

Starting with Eddie Fortunes with his Confessions of a Scouse P**f! For one night only this hilarious stand-up will be on 1st October. Confessions of a Scouse P**f is the lockdown past Eddie stepped into after getting dumped on his birthday by a tory who dressed his cat in Victorian clothes. From wetting the bed as a child to sharting on a date at the age of 30 something, he talks in depth about supporting his friend on a Birkenhead sex night to growing up gay with Queer as Folk when tellies had backs.

Next up we have Katie Tracey with her funny stand-up, Please Like. All Katie Tracey wanted was to be liked. She tried to be the ?Best Version of Herself???. But it was too much hard work. So now she?s going to be the true version. The narky, impatient, lazy, inappropriate, overly-hairy version. And she hopes you like her anyway. This will be coming on 2nd October.

We also have the amazing Simon Munnery with his, Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour! Multi award-winning comedian Simon Munnery reprises his notorious alter ego, the bedsit anarchist Alan Parker Urban Warrior. Once the most radical, now the only radical, Alan returns with the old gold, the old truths, and some new truths (based on the old truths).?For over 35 years, Munnery has performed around the world, experimenting with and innovating the stand-up form. In the 1990s, his Alan Parker: Urban Warrior character took the comedy circuit by storm, garnering Munnery his own BBC Radio 1 series, which Time Out London called ?the funniest thing on Radio One? and a residency on ITV?s Saturday Live. 1996 saw him collaborate with Graham Linehan and Stewart Lee for BBC2 show, London Shouting, in his Alan Parker guise, and the character also become a regular contributor to NME magazine. You can catch this absolutely hilarious stand-up on 7th October, you won?t want to miss it!

We have a great showcase coming too, The Alternative Black Cabaret Showcase is going to be showing 28th October. The Black is back! The Alternative Black Cabaret Showcase in partnership with Boisterous Theatre Co. bring the biggest names and the freshest acts from around the globe; Liverpool, Los Angeles, Lafta Republic and Oldham. Featuring comedy, music and specialist turns along with Black Bingo and raffle there’s even a token white act for diversity thrown in too!

Tony Slattery also performs his amazing stand-up, Unrehearsable. Star of stage and
screen Tony Slattery is back from the dead. In an attempt to put off writing his memoirs he is bringing his unique take on a variety show to a wider audience. Unrehearsable?offers a special insight into Tony?s life, career and the demons that continue to dog his footsteps. There will be interviews, comedy, Q&As, and lots of laughs, and we guarantee that no two shows will ever be the
same. Expect the unexpected from the man whom AA Gill once described as ?The most dysfunctional personality of the twentieth century? ? eat your heart out, Stalin! Coming to you 9th November.


Tickets for all available to buy now!

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