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The Scouse Sleeping Beauty – The Virus Has Struck!

First of all, the bad news.

Four of the cast of The Scouse Sleeping Beauty have tested positive for Coronavirus this week. That means we won’t be able to run the full version of the show for the next ten days (up until 14 November). It has hit us in the middle of our technical rehearsals which is when we make the magic happen.

Now for the good news.

The gang have got together and created a replacement version of the show that will be up on stage to bring you music and laughter until everybody is well again! The show will be a mix of the songs from the show, along with some of the funny stuff. This won’t be the all bells and whistles Royal Court Christmas show that you are used to but we hope that it will be a cracking night out.

Your choice

We have still got our Coronavirus Refund Guarantee in place so you can have your money back and go for a night out somewhere else (that probably won’t be as good). Just let Box Office know and they will process it as soon as they can. You can also swap your tickets for another date but bear in mind availability is limited and there are no dining tickets left for the whole run.


You can come and see the new version of the show and also re-use your tickets at a later date if you want to see the full version. There is limited availability for the rest of the run and no dining tickets left but our amazing Box Office staff will help you to find a date that works for you.

We know that this isn’t the best way to open a show but I hope that you understand the reasons behind it. The Box Office team will do their best to help you out but we are expecting a few hundred phone calls so if you can’t get through straight away then please be patient. We’ll make sure that everybody’s booking is sorted out as quickly as possible but they will be snowed under so be nice to them!

If you want a refund or to move your tickets to another date then email [email protected] and they will process it for you. If you want to come and see the new show then just come along with your existing tickets at the usual time. You can contact us any time after that to book in a second night out with us.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope that you have a great night out!


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