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The Scouse Cinderella – Audience Reaction

Our smash-hit Christmas show The Scouse Cinderella is tearing up the Royal Court stage this month.? We haven?t even been open for a week and already your comments have been pouring in!

We rounded up some of the best comments from the audience so far.? Check them out below:

?We went last night – never laughed so much in years – utterly brilliant, great writing, great cast and lovely venue. 12 Days of Christmas was so funny the tears were rolling. EVERYONE in Liverpool will love this?

?It is absolutely hilarious. Hats off to the cast, great show great humour well worth watching well done to all the actors?

?Came to watch on your 2nd night and it was absolutely brilliant. Every single one of the cast brought something hilarious to the stage. Fantastic. Would watch it again. Well done to all involved?

?A Brill night a must see. Just laugh after laugh?

?Absolutely loved the Christmas show “Scouse Cinderella”. If you have a free day, definitely go you will not regret it! Such an amazing night. The cast are super lovely and friendly too!?

?Can I just say, as a very proud adopted Scouser now living in Liverpool. Scouse Cinderella has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.?

?Outstanding Show. Funny throughout, well worth a look?

?As expected yet another superb show-guaranteed laughter every time!?

?Another fabulous Christmas hit! 5*?

?Yet another wonderful production from all involved, production and direction team, actors, stage management. I was crying with laughter. The cast were given a standing ovation at the end of the show and quite rightly so?

?A brilliant show, laughed all night?

Not bad eh?

We will have the press reviews coming in shortly, hopefully with enough stars to light up the giant Christmas tree in Box Office.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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