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The Liver Birds Have Landed

The Liver Birds have landed and are making their nest on our stage until May.

Sandra and Beryl had their fair share of ups and downs back when The Liver Birds graced our screens in the seventies.  They were just two young women trying to get by in Liverpool.  Almost fifty years later, they’re back.

What happened to them both though? That’s what you’ll find out if you watch the show.

We’re not the only ones excited for the show, check out some of the previews below.


“It’s easy to forget from the vantage point of now what an internal struggle those things were, actually. George [Seaton] and I work very hard [in the script] to deal with that.” – Barb Jungr, Co-Writer quoted in the article

Smooth Radio

The original was an “important” comedy, and that it would be “wonderful” to see older women play the roles in The Liver Birds Flying Home. – Barb Jungr, Co-Writer quoted in the article

Wirral Globe

Two flatmates who talk about life, love and putting the world to rights.

Good News Liverpool

Liver Birds Flying Home is a funny, emotional and ultimately uplifting musical with 23 brand new songs, which will delight fans of the original series as well as introducing the characters to a new generation.


Anyone who doesn’t know The Liver Birds will hopefully engage with a story of friendship, love and hope and relate to the characters. – George Seaton, Co-Writer quoted in the article

Funny Women

The Liver Birds, like Carla Lane’s other creations, introduced new and untrodden ground for the world of sitcom. Telling the story of two single women leaving home to make their own lives rather than marrying.

Liver Birds Flying Home is on our stage until 12 May.  Tickets from £14 and if you have a Stalls ticket you may be able to upgrade to a dining ticket for an extra £12pp.  Book them here.

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