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Ten Years of Terriers

If you?ve had a family member in school or been a student yourself, then you?ve probably seen Terriers.

For the past ten years a short play called Terriers has been touring schools across Merseyside and beyond.? You?d be forgiven for thinking that this is one of our usual comedies.? The reality is that it?s a hard-hitting, sobering story about the dangers of gun and gang crime, a reality some young people in Merseyside have faced.

We bet you are wondering how this all started.? Jump back to 2008 when we had just received funding from Merseyside Police to commission a play and produce some educational resources for schools on the topic of gun and gang crime.? It might seem a little unusual to put on a play about it but ?drama-based interventions? are extremely powerful tools for leaving a lasting impact on audiences, especially young people.? For some it was their first ever experience of theatre and the Q&A session afterwards with the actors were well received in the majority of schools.


What do you do when you’re fifteen and live on an estate where you get street cred for being in a gang? What do you do when you’ve got the chance of a decent future but the pull of the gang is too strong? And what are you going to do when one of the gang passes you a gun and tells you, honour is at stake, use the gun to show you’re one of us?

Aldo is bright, witty, and a gifted sportsman. His family has high hopes for him, but he’s having a tough time trying to break away from his mates who want him to be in his local gang, The Terriers.

Terriers explores the immense pressure Aldo, and boys like him, are under from gang mates. The play throws up the moral dilemmas and life changing decisions that some young boys and girls have to make.

Little did we know the impact it would have on young people in Liverpool.? Over 180,000 have seen Terriers 1.? This week we are delighted to bring Terriers 2: Eve?s Story to the stage for the first time ever. Terriers 2 follows on from the first story, focussing on the popular character Eve.? She has to grow up fast since becoming part of the gang.? Eve?s story tells us about life on the fringes of a gang as a young girl and the struggle to break free.? Just because you aren?t officially part of the gang doesn?t mean you aren?t affected by what they do or will face the consequences when things go wrong.

Terriers 2: Eve?s Story

Eve has always been popular. With her infectious smile and lively personality she could be the most popular and successful girl in school, but she doesn?t always turn up. The reason is simple. She thinks there are more important things happening. However, she?s vulnerable, na?ve and has a real difficulty telling the good from the bad. She?s made a promise to be a better person but that?s easier said than done.

Eve?s Story looks at the impact that life in a gang or on its fringes can have on young girls. With a growing rep for being tough and unshakeable Eve tries not to let the pressure show but she is becoming desperate to get back to safety, stability and happiness. Can she find a way out?

Eve's Story

Main character Eve

We open tonight with a special VIP performance for guests who have been part of the show or supported us over the last ten years.

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