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New Shows In 2019

How is it 2019 already? We?ve just finished up the leftover chocolate from our advent calendar and are ready for the New Year.

What better way to celebrate a brand new year by booking on to a brand new show? We?ve got three for you this year, plus an old favourite.

First on stage is?Yellow Breck Road, 1 February to 2 March.? Gerry Linford (The Miracle of Great Homer Street) is back with his second show at the Court.

Yellow Breck Road

The Potters have always been happy in their Anfield home, times may have been tough but they can rely on each other. Dot?s turned 21 now and she wants more. Her mates are off to Ibiza but she needs to stay at home to look after her foul-mouthed nan. It?s just not fair!

As night falls beneath a magical full moon her world is turned upside down when a bump to the head sends her spinning away through time and space. She lands on the moon where she meets a host of familiar looking characters, including barmy Uncle Barry and the slimy sod who wants to sell their house from under them.

Will she learn her lesson? There?s one thing for certain ? there?s no place like home.

Starring Jake Abraham, Gemma Brodrick, Eithne Browne, Paul Duckworth, Lynn Francis and Jamie Greer.

Tickets are from ?14.? We have limited availability in Stalls but give Box Office a ring on 0151 709 4321 to check individual dates.? You can also book tickets for Yellow Breck Road online by clicking?here.

BSL performance is on Tuesday 12 February (interpreter Andy Higgins).? Audio described performance is on Wednesday 20 February (describer Anne Hornsby).? To book please contact Box Office or email?

Next up is a firm favourite with you all, it?s?Brick Up 2: The Wrath Of Ann Twacky! Nicky Allt and Dave Kirby?s smash hit Brick Up 2 is back with a bang (or just after one actually) in the aftermath of the plot to separate Liverpool from the Wirral.? It?s been nearly two years since the show first hit the stage and we are delighted to have it back.

Brick Up 2

The Kingsway Three are back!

The tunnels are blocked, the Runcorn Bridge is rubble and The Kingsway Three have completed their mission. But The Wirral are not going to take this lying down!

Led by Ann Twacky, a hardy bunch of the Wirralians are rising up and calling for Birkenhexit. They don?t want the tunnels back and they are prepared to go to extremes to keep them shut. They can do just fine on their own, thank you very much.

Starring Roy Brandon, Eithne Browne, Suzanne Collins, Paul Duckworth and Andrew Schofield with more to be confirmed.

Tickets are from ?14.? There are still some Stalls tickets available including our hugely popular dining tickets but they will sell out so book quick. You can book over the phone, in person or online by clicking?here.

Our third show of the year is another brand new production,?My Fairfield Lady. ?Opening on the 26 April, will this classic become a Royal Court classic? There?s only one way to find out.

My Fairfield Lady

Mary is in the Royal on her way out. She?s not too bothered though, she?s had a good innings. Came from nothing and ended up running her husband?s company ? one of the biggest scaffolders in the North West. There?s a tidy amount to leave behind and just her only child, Higson, to leave it to. Nice lad but a bit of a biff. He needs a good woman to take him in hand. A good scouse woman.

Lizzie runs the posh florist in Liverpool 1. She’s from old money in Cheshire but now has no money in Fairfield, she?s got airs and graces that she can?t afford. She and Higson hit it off, but she needs to pass herself off as a scouser to land the jackpot. She?s going to need some lessons, lucky that her mate Sandra is there to lend a hand.

Repeat after me: ?The ale in Belle Vale should never be too pale?

I think she?s got it!

Cast will be confirmed soon.

Tickets are from ?14 with availability left across the run in Stalls and other areas of the theatre.? Book online by clicking?here, over the phone or by speaking to our friendly faces in Box Office.

BSL performance is on Tuesday 7 May (interpreter Andy Higgins).? Audio described performance is on Wednesday 8 May (describer Anne Hornsby).? To book please contact Box Office or email?

Finally, last but not least it?s the sequel to another Court favourite,?Lost Soul 2: Smigger?s Wrecked Headwhich will tread the boards 7 June to the 6 July.

Lost Soul 2

Smigger?s having a mid-life crisis. All he wants to do is roll back the years and dance to 70’s soul music with Donna, Terry and Pat. But since the grandkid came along, Donna hasn?t been interested in their usual Sunday nights in town (or much else).

Their daughter hasn?t helped, lumbering them with the baby most weekends while she’s out with the dad. Well, maybe the dad (it?s a one in four chance). Smigger’s had enough, his head?s wrecked and he?s not having it any more.

Smigger, Donna, Terry and Pat will take us from Scottie road to Pontins Prestatyn to Liverpool?s over-40’s Sunday night pub scene for endless laughter set to a 70s’ soul soundtrack that will have you dancing out of the Royal Court and strutting straight down to Smokie Mo?s.

Cast will be confirmed soon.

Tickets are from ?14 with availability left in Stalls throughout.? You can book tickets over the phone, in person or online by clicking?here.

BSL performance is on Tuesday 18 June (interpreter Karl Llorca).? Audio described performance is on Wednesday 19 June (describer Anne Hornsby).? To book please contact Box Office or email?

If you like the sound of these shows then get booking and give yourself something to look forward to this year, you?ll need it!

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