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Monthly Blog – September 2022

Hello again and welcome to our monthly blog where we catch you up on all the new and exciting things that have been happening in and around the theatre during the month. It’s been a great month as we’ve seen the start of new shows, welcoming new actors to the Royal Court family and having many other projects going on behind the scene.


The Scousetrap

This month we have seen the beginning of our amazing new show The Scousetrap! This show is a new and different play than what we usually have but of course we still have our classic scouse Royal Court humour in there. We have welcome new actors to the stage for the first time and they have done an incredible job of fitting right in and captivating our audience. We’ve also had the return of some of our other very talented and funny actors who have helped bring this great show to life. We have to say and give credit to the backstage crew and all the people involved with creating the set. This is one of a kind and is absolutely incredible, designed by takis, he has managed to truly capture the essence of the Adelphi Hotel. A massive well done to the all the crew involved in the making of the set, they have truly outdone themselves.

The Scousetrap continues its run until the 29th October, so if you haven’t seen it yet make sure to come and give us a visit for a great night out.

Return of Youth Theatre

After a very fun summer ending with a fantastic show, the kids have returned to their normal term time after school classes. We have a range of tutors working with them and teaching the many things from singing and music to movement and acting. We also have our younger youth theatre in on Saturdays with children from the ages of 6 to 13, who are also learning music, dance, drama and singing. Joining with other organisations like Music Access All Areas, Positive Impact and Capoeira for All, allows us to be able to teach the children many elements of the creative industry and helps us show them the different avenues they can venture into.


The World Reimagined Conference

Along with Capoeira For All, Positive Impact, Boisterous and The Catalyst, our organisations have organised a 2 day conference in connection with The World Reimagined Project. A ground-breaking, national art education project that aims to change how people understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the impact it had and still has on all of us. This conference is going to be an ‘Affinity Space’ for Black, Brown and Global Majority Community, creating a safe positive action space where the priority is on creatively exploring shared experience and aspiration across participants.

The Conference will be held here in the Royal Court over two days in October, bringing 80 young people from across the city region engage in creative workshops, performances and discussion exploring their will lived experiences living in legacy of the European Colonial Genocide and Enslavement of African and Indigenous peoples, and their aspirations for challenging the injustices and prejudice of that legacy.


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