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Monthly Blog – July 2022

Hello and welcome to our monthly blog were we catch you up on all the new and exciting things that have been happening in and around the theatre during the month. This July has been another busy month here in the theatre. We have seen our wonderful windmill go up outside St George’s Hall as part of the Winds of Change programme, the return of YNWA and also the return of our youth theatre’s summer school. Time to catch up!


YNWA – Let’s Talk About Six… Baby!

This month we have welcomed back Nicky Allt’s amazing Liverpool FC story telling show, YNWA! Which also bought back some old stars of the show along with some regular favourites and some new future talents. From the older show we have welcomed back Jake Abraham, Mark Moraghan, Lenny Wood, Daniel Ross and Lindzi Germain! Joining them is Lydia Morales-Scully, Spencer Butts, Matt Connor, Adam Keast and our talented regular band member Ben Gladwin. We’ve had such a fantastic response from the audience who have been waiting a long time to see the show return. Including an incredible opening night were we had the audience from stalls to balcony singing along word by word to all the Liverpool football songs, leaving the theatre happy and creating a great atmosphere. The backstage crew are doing a fantastic job with the cast and the production of the show, from running around making sure everyone is on time to the design of the set and all the visual effects. I think we can all agree that they are smashing it!

The show will be running until the 3rd of September so make sure you get your tickets if you haven’t already! Come and learn the history of Liverpool FC and have a good time with us.

Dress rehearsal of YNWA at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. Picture Jason Roberts



Winds of Change

Our windmill made by our amazing technical and set design team for new project, Winds of Change was put up and unveiled. It stands proud at the Wellington monument Turing Circle outside of St George’s Hall as an installation that celebrates the past, present and future of St George’s Quarter.

To complement the Winds of Change installation, the Walker Art Gallery and St Georges Hall’s Liverpool’s Central Library is hosted Windmill Workshops throughout July. The workshops were free to access for people of all ages, creating their own mini windmills with the help of the Winds of Change designer Simon Armstrong. What a great opportunity is was for people to go and spend some fun time together getting creative and making something amazing.

Royal Court Windmill near St Georges Hall, Liverpool.



Our Royal Court choir have had a blast this month and have been booked and busy! They had an wonderful time performing to a crowd at the launch of the Winds of Change Windmill. Choir master Jay did a great job at making sure everybody was in time and sound amazing!

Later on in the month the choir had the incredible opportunity to perform to an even bigger crowd at Liverpool Pride to start of the Pride march. They did an incredible job performing for thousands of people and getting everybody into happy and uplifting spirits to start off the day. So, a massive well done to our fantastic choir and of course choir master Jay!

Our community choir at St. Georges Hall.
Liverpool Pride 2022


Summer School

The end of July seen the start to our 4 week long summer school were the children are spending their days preparing for an end of summer show! We take on children from the ages of 6 up to 17 teaching them different skills within the theatre and music industry. During these 4 weeks they continue to learn playing different instruments that some may have learned in the past as well as receiving singing and song writing lessons. To prepare them further they are going to be learning a lot of dance, a few they will perform for parents at the end of summer. Mostly they are going to be spending their time coming up with and working on scenes that will make up their end of summer show, Dream Team: The Return of The Sandman.

With many different kind of tutors around we are making sure that the children have the best time possible with us, engaging them in the different parts of the industry they enjoy the most, whether it’s the acting, dancing, writing or music. We are excited to see what magic they create at the end of summer.

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