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Meet the Cast Behind Maggie May

It’s the age old tale of an Irish girl coming to Liverpool who never leaves.

We know the city is famous for its Irish population.

In October, Bob Eaton’s brand new musical Maggie May comes to the Court for the first time.  Find out what happens when a young Maggie gets more than she bargained for in a city that was only meant to be a stopover.

It’s featuring great live music from a very talented cast.  Find out who they are below.

Tom Connor: This isn’t Tom’s first rodeo on the Royal Court stage.  He was part of Liverpool’s fab four back in 2014 playing Paul McCartney in Lennon and was Flounder in the Everyman and Playhouse’s Rock n Roll Panto.

Tom Connor Headshot

Tom Connor

Cheryl Fergison: Fans may recognise her from EastEnders where she played the lovable Heather Trott for five years.  She’s making her Royal Court debut this October.

Cheryl Fergison Headshot

Cheryl Fergison

Michael Fletcher: A familiar face to Royal Court audiences.  Michael has just finished performing in seventies smash hit Mam! I’m ‘Ere and is back singing for his supper in Maggie May.

Michael Fletcher

Michael Fletcher

Matt Ganley: Matt has been in all your soap favourites; Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road.  He’s coming all the way from Manchester, but we won’t hold that against him.

Matt Ganley Headshot

Matt Ganley

Sam Haywood: This fresh-faced actor has had a number of roles in Liverpool.  You can catch him roaming the streets of Toxteth in Hits Like A Girl.

Sam Haywood

Sam Haywood

David Heywood: You’ll find David acting on the big screen in Peterloo but don’t forget you saw him at the Royal Court first..

David Heywood

David Heywood

Barbara Hockaday: Barbara has just come back from her Summer Holiday at the Octagon Theatre Bolton.  We hope she doesn’t have some post-holiday blues.

Barbara Hockaday Headshot

Barbara Hockaday

Paislie Reid: Royal Court audiences will recognise Paislie from much loved show Lost Soul.  She just couldn’t keep away from us.

Paislie Reid Headshot

Paislie Reid

Katia Sartini: Christmas cheer is big on Katia’s list as she stars in Nativity Rocks!, the big screen adaptation of popular Christmas show Nativity! The Musical in the West End.

Katia Sartini

Katia Sartini

Christina Tedders: Our leading lady, the Maggie to our May.  Christina sails here from Ireland but hopefully she won’t end up like Maggie.

Christina Tedders Headshot

Christina Tedders

Maggie May lands on Liverpool shores this October, from 12 October until 10 November 2018.

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