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Brick Up 2 – The Reviews

Brick Up 2 is back and with 19 shows under its belt already, those tunnels are well and truly gone!

Find out what the press had to say about the show this time round.

(L:R) Eithne Browne, Andrew Schofield and Roy Brandon

Wirral Globe – FIVE STARS

“It’s a local show for local people.”

“Brick Up 2 is a creative, gag-peppered cauldron – a deliciously daft mix of Scouse and Wirral stew made with lashings of slapstick, panto, sit-com sketches and pop parodies.”

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Liverpool Sound and Vision – FIVE STARS

“Brick Up 2: The Wrath Of Ann Twacky is a play that breaks down barriers and rips down walls as it proves that laughter is the biggest unifier of all.”

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Liverpool Echo – FOUR STARS

“A crowd-pleasing riot all the way, reaching a comedy frenzy in the second act after a scene-setting first half.”

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North West End – FOUR STARS

“With a show full of something for everyone; comedy, political themes, music and a love story this is a show to go and see. The Royal Court are excellent at providing audiences with comedy that will make you forget about that hard day at the office, and Brick Up 2 is no exception.”

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(L:R) Suzanne Collins, Francis Tucker, Eithne Browne and Andrew Schofield

Number 9 Reviews

“It was a fun-filled evening that had the audience doubled in laughter at one minute and covering their gasping mouths with their hands the next. The jokes come with a fast and furious dialogue and brilliant comedy timing that this seasoned troupe make look easy. A good fun, no holes barred, Liverpool night out that pokes fun at everyone especially at themselves.”

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The Stage

“Genuine laugh-out-loud moments.”

If those good reviews haven’t persuaded you, maybe the trailer below will.

Brick Up 2: The Wrath of Ann Twacky is on stage until the 6 April 2019.

May the Wirral be with you. And Leasowe with you.

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