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Bouncers: What The Reviewers Had To Say

Bouncers tore up the stage once, albeit a slightly smaller stage in our Studio downstairs.  This time, they’ve been tearing up the main stage.  Read the reviews below.

Chris High Reviews: FIVE STARS

“If you’re looking to reminisce over your piss-up days, ponder over the social commentaries or just have a laugh and some fun then I 100% recommend bouncers as a comedic and lively show, balancing with an important and thoughtful message.”

Read the full review here.


“The aptly-named Boisterous, a new theatre company dedicated to nurturing the talents of creatives from the BAME community, has taken the play’s basic structure and storyline and created a startlingly vibrant and energetic Bouncers for a new generation.”

Read the full review here.

North West End: FOUR STARS

“Polished performances from all four of the cast aided by some superb and perfectly timed choreography that included dance routines through to slow motion fight scenes and a rewind.”

Read the full review here.

Liverpool Sound and Vision: 9/10

Bouncers is passionate, positive and foaming with effervescence and animated cool; a true honour to witness in action.”

Read the full review here.

Bouncers Cast

Michael Horsley showing the Bouncers how it’s done

Liverpool Underlined

“Bessman and Miriam Mussa’s update of Bouncers offers a recognisable, relatable and riotous night on the Liverpool tiles.”

Read the full review here.

British Theatre Guide

“Bouncers continues to work because it throws an unrelenting set of mirror images back at its audience. Very few here will see nothing of themselves, those they know or have known.”

Read the full review here.


“Clever use of the small set, great lighting, strong writing, familiar humour, outstanding dancing, fine singing, believable acting and generally unforgettable showings by each of the cast makes for one of the very best shows you will see this year. Bouncers is a must-watch!”

Bouncers is on stage until 15 September and you can buy tickets from £10.  If you book a Stalls ticket you can choose to upgrade to our dining package for an extra £12pp.  Subject to availability.  If not then we have partnered up with the Courtyard Bar & Kitchen to offer you a top pre-show meal.

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