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Bouncers by Boisterous Theatre Company

Adapting a world famous, hugely popular script that has excited audiences since the eighties was always going to be a brave and ambitious start for the newly formed Boisterous Theatre Company.

However founding Directors Maurice Bessman and Miriam Mussa woke up one day and said: challenge accepted.  With the blessing of the main man John Godber himself.

What they created stormed the Studio downstairs and excited audiences so much that you were hard pressed to find a ticket throughout its two week run.

The Studio was transformed into a nightclub complete with a live DJ who played music throughout the show to give you those nightclub feels.

Maurice’s ambitious adaptations have transformed the show bringing it up to date (Cardi B references included).  It’s gone down an absolute treat with our audience and reviewers alike.

Check out the reviews below:

Wirral Globe – FIVE STARS

“A nice touch in a tight, breath-less two-hour show that includes the ever-present use of selfies and cameos of two hooray Henrys called Boris and Jacob. A sharp script and four very likeable lads make this a must see experience.”

Arts City Liverpool – FOUR STARS

“The cast exudes energy and exuberance in a performance which at times steps off the small stage and in to the audience packed in to the Royal Court’s basement studio space.”

Chris High Reviews – FOUR STARS

“With live music resounding throughout this pseudo-nightclub courtesy of a live DJ adding a sense of yet more reality, this new production of Bouncers is a red hot show, with a red hot cast and red hot update.”

Chris High also sat down with writer Maurice Bessman to talk about the show.  Read the full interview here.

Bouncers may have just finished a successful run on Saturday but Boisterous Theatre Company are up and running and ready to produce more shows.  Watch this space.

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