We can’t quite believe we are saying this but the Courtyard Bar & Kitchen has been open for one whole year! That went by quick.. Fl

ID Please.

31 Aug 2018

Bouncers. You either love them or hate ‘em.  They can make or break your night. Can you imagine the stories they could tell and the s
Bouncers tore up the stage once, albeit a slightly smaller stage in our Studio downstairs.  This time, they’ve been tearing up the main
Only at the Court could you put on a show entirely about Norris Green. Our Community Education team are bringing the stories of one of Li
It’s the age old tale of an Irish girl coming to Liverpool who never leaves. We know the city is famous for its Irish population. In
We’re heading into the final stretch with Mam! I’m ‘Ere which means you have less than two weeks left to come and see it.  We’ve r
It’s hard to imagine Queen Square as being anything other than a bus station, but back in the day it had quite the colourful history. B
What would we do without our Community Choir? They sing, they dance and generally just have a good time.  They have been singing their h
Happy #InspiringFutureTheatre Day! It’s not easy trying to figure out your future.  We are trying to make that decision easier by givi
1. There’s absolutely no Abba.  At all.  Listen to all of the songs from the show on our Spotify playlist below. 2. You may recognise
We took a bit of a gamble bringing Gerry Linford’s highly commended (Hope Playwriting Prize) script on our stage. It was a gamble that pai
1. You’ve got a great idea for a comedy script and we’ve got a competition for you to enter it in to.  Makes sense really. 2. Have
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