There’s been a murder! Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but Eddie and Trish are sure going to find out.  New neighbours G
Laura Lees' heartbreakingly beautiful tale of love and tragedy in 1980s Liverpool has tugged on the heart strings of our audience and review
Meet the Cast of Masquerade Masquerade is a poignant tale of love and loss amongst the LGBT+ community in 1980s Liverpool. Mike loves Tony
[su_slider source="media: 873601732,873601735,873601731"] Smigger's mid-life crisis is wrecking heads on and off stage in Liverpool.  Th
Things are hotting up outside. They are getting pretty warm here in our Studio this month too. Our Studio is as busy as ever. Find out wh
The Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize 2019  Every two years, Liverpool's Royal Court works in partnership with Liverpool Hope University to
We dragged Chris out of rehearsals to chat to sit down and chat to us about the show. Check out the interview below. My Fairfield Lady op
Our Studio is looking busy as ever. We’ve got so many shows on downstairs for you to come to. Check out the full line-up below. Going H
Brick Up 2 is back and with 19 shows under its belt already, those tunnels are well and truly gone! Find out what the press had to say ab
Sick of watching daytime TV? Want to give something back to the community? Look no further than the Royal Court.  Our Community & Educa
Gerry Linford’s return to the Court has us over the moon with his heart-warming comedy Yellow Breck Road.  Dot (Gemma Brodrick), mum Caro

New Shows In 2019

08 Jan 2019

How is it 2019 already? We’ve just finished up the leftover chocolate from our advent calendar and are ready for the New Year. What bet
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