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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pete Price

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pete Price

There’s a lot of things you probably know about Pete Price but we bet you don’t know these ten things.  We swear it on Pete’s life.

  1. Every morning when Pete gets up, he makes his bed. Pretty standard behaviour right? Not for Pete, who irons his sheets and pillow cases every morning. Every. Single. Morning.
  2. He likes to keep his remote controls in the same place. If he doesn’t, he can’t go to bed.  Woe betide anyone who loses one or puts it in the wrong place. Poor Pete won’t be able to get some sleep!
  3. It’s so irritating when you go someone else’s house and there’s a picture slightly crooked on the wall. Most of us would just sit there silently seething but not Pete. He’ll be up in a flash to straighten it.
  4. Is Pete Price his real name? Technically yes but it hasn’t always been. Before he was adopted his name was Raymond Warry. Raymond Warry Is Dead doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
  5. Speaking of his name, he specifically chose Pete Price after a conversation with Shirley Bassey. When asked if that was her real name, she replied “When you become famous you want people to know it’s you” and from that day forth, Pete became Pete Price.
  6. Given the topic of the show and that it opened on Friday the 13th (queue spooky noises) Pete has given Leanne Campbell permission to carry on with the show if he dies!
  7. Speaking of which, if the worst happens he would like his ashes scattered on Hilbre Island in the Wirral.
  8. Pete’s biggest regret is not reading more books. He has read only four books in his lifetime. Pete’s reading list is made up of Onassis: An Extravagant Life; Of Mice and Men; The Pilgrim’s Progress and, most importantly his own autobiography Pete Price: Namedropper (available in all good bookshops).
  9. He likes his movies and goes to the late showings so he can avoid all the nacho-eating, popcorn-crunching people. Pete last watched The Good Liar and loved it.
  10. Finally, Pete was a choir boy and sang in a church choir when he was younger. It’s because of this he’d like to find religion. You don’t have to look hard Pete!

Book Pete Price Is Dead

Pete will be dead made-up if you came and saw him in the show.  Pete Price Is Dead runs until the 11th April and you can book tickets on our website from £14.  You can also book them in person at the Box Office or over the phone on 0151 709 4321.

Book now. It’s what Pete would’ve wanted you to do.

Check out this interview with Leanne Campbell and Ray Quinn.

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