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Happy Birthday To Us!

We think we look pretty good for our age right? You?ve probably already heard about it by now (we?ve been banging on about it enough) but our theatre turns 80 this year. Our official birthday is 17 October.

Now there has been a building on this site since 1826 but long story short, a big fire happened destroying the whole building which led to the current building we know and love today.? It?s the building we are in now which turns 80 and we?ve had a year of celebrations.

Building in 1938

The building back in 1938

We started off by reopening our caf? in the foyer paying homage to the most important year in our history, 1938.? The year we opened.??Caf? 38?has been open for nearly a year now serving up soup, sandwiches and freshly baked cakes.? Come in around lunchtime and you?d be hard pressed finding a seat it?s that busy!

Caf? 38

Caf? 38

Every good birthday needs a big old birthday bash.? What better way to celebrate than to put on a big show with all our favourites and pay tribute to the past 80 years.? Our?Birthday Bash?on 30 September proved a big hit with you all and we were delighted to welcome?The Christians?on to the stage to relieve the days from when the building was a music venue.

Stephen and Michael Fletcher

Stephen and Michael Fletcher on Stage

During the show we had a bunch of lovely messages from some of our supporters; Dame Judi Dench, John Bishop and Noddy Holder. What a great bunch.

It?s been a good few years hasn?t it? The building itself has had more makeovers than Homes Under the Hammer.? ?Not only does it look different but what we do has evolved over the years.? We?ve gone from ballet and bingo to Brick Up, rock music to musicals and everything else you can think of.? We?ve also developed a whole new strand of Christmas shows, which sell like hot little mince pies. ?Scouse humour is the best by far.

Where will we be in the next 80 years, in 2098? Who knows.

For now, happy birthday us! A big thank you to you all too because without you lot, there would be no us.

If you have any fond memories of the venue over the years, please do share them with us.

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