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10 Things You Didn’t Know About New Musical Maggie May

1. Director Bob Eaton is a BIG fan of musicals, pioneering the rock and roll theatre genre with award-winning show?Lennon. ?According to Bob this has been in the pipeline since Liverpool was crowned ?Capital of Culture? back in 2008.

2. The show starts off set in 1913 and life was very different back then.? First up we had King George V as reigning Monarch. The musical also touches on some important political events such as workers? rights and unemployment benefits as well as the fight for women?s rights.

3. This show is about the original Mersey Maggie, NOT Rod Stewart?s Maggie May or the musical of the same name by Lionel Bart and Alun Owen.? It?s completely different.

4. The tale of Maggie May is a colourful one indeed and this is what the musical is based on.? Prostitution in 1900s Liverpool, amongst other things like trade unions and striking.? Colourful stuff indeed.? Read all about it?here.

5. This is a brand new musical and will be making its world premiere right here in Liverpool. You saw it here first.

6. There are a total of 26 songs in this show and 15 of them are performed by leading lady?Christina Tedders who plays Maggie.? This is a proper musical.

7. The set is one of our most ambitious yet and will be using the original 1930s revolve stage to change scenes.? It was recently restored and is one of the biggest revolve stages outside of London.

8. The show features a huge range of characters. We?ve got Soldiers, Policemen, Prostitutes, Housekeepers, wealthy aristocrats, a jolly Landlady and of course our dear old Maggie.

9. We?ve lost count of the total number of instruments played in the show.? Well no we haven?t actually but there is 19 in total split amongst 12 cast members.? Between them they play: Alto Sax, Keyboard, Percussion, Guitar, Bodhran, Tenor Sax, Accordion, Oboe, Flute, Drums, Bass Guitar, Piccolo, Piano, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass, Electric Bass and Cello.? That?s a lot of instruments.

10. Our cast members are an extremely talented bunch coming from a variety of TV shows, movies and shows on stage including?EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and?Peterloo?(feature film).

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Maggie May opens on Friday 12 October and runs until 10 November 2018.

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