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10 Reasons Why You Should Enter The Hope Playwriting Prize Competition

1. You’ve got a great idea for a comedy script and we’ve got a competition for you to enter it in to.  Makes sense really.

2. Have you seen the prize money? Ten thousand pounds is not a small sum. If you don’t win the first prize there is a runner-up cash prize too.

3. If you win, it would make a pretty good story to tell your friends, family, neighbour, random person in the street.

4. How cool would it be to have your writing performed on an actual stage with real people? Plus you’ll get to sit in the VIP booth at the Royal Court.  You’ve made it in the world.

5. What have you got to lose?

6. If you win then it is actual proof that you are a comedy genius.

7. It’s like X Factor for playwriting. You get to bypass all those years of hardship and be catapulted into the lime light.  We can even get Les Dennis to wear a tight white shirt while judging if you like.

8. You’ll be invited to the awards ceremony next year.  Awards ceremony = free wine.

9. When you are a playwright you get to wear whatever you like and do whatever you like and people know it’s because you are “artistic”

10. You are a funny person. No, not funny like that, the other funny.

If ANY of those reasons have made your mind up then you can find out all the information by clicking here.  The competition is open until midday on the 22 July and you can enter the competition by clicking here.  There is a small fee to enter to cover administration costs.

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